Legere Reeds for Bassoon Review

Hi there, I’m Sophia, and this is the next installment in my series on plastic reeds, glad to see you all here, let’s get started!

I’ve only just found out that this material is made by somehow layering sheets of plastic on top of each other, and that’s what makes its structure so realistic, not like some plastic mould or a one piece thing or something. And then it’s shaped some with all kinds of machines. It also has a surprisingly genuine feel to it. They do pay attention to this now with the newer ones, and make them ever so slightly rough for a more realistic feel. It’s not quite the same by the way, it’s still a touch more slippery, but I reckon this is only a matter of getting used to it, and the difference is so slight, it makes no difference anyway. The edges of the reed are glued together, or I don’t know how they do it, but the point is that it’s properly sealed off on the sides and no air can get through there, which is great! I’ve just recently recorded my first ever solo C…